The Cuyahoga County Agency of Inspector General's Mission is to promote honesty and accountability in County Government. To this end, we commit to you that if you report an allegation of wrongdoing to our Agency it will be fully investigated and when appropriate a referral for further governmental intervention or internal discipline will be made. It is no longer business as usual in Cuyahoga County. This is about a change in the way we do business. We owe it to ourselves, to the taxpayers and to the residents of the county to engage in business practices of the highest ethical standards.

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Contact the AIG

Our efforts would not be successful without the assistance of the public. If you are a Cuyahoga County public official, or employee, who is aware of either an ethical violation or a violation of a state or federal statue, rule, or regulation or the misuse of public resources, you are required to report this information to this Agency. If you are not a public official or employee, you should similarly report the information to us. You can report the information a number of ways including:

  • "Whistle-Blower" Hotline: 216-698-2999
  • Fax: 216-698-2218
  • E-mail
  • US Mail:

Cuyahoga County Agency of the Inspector General
Cuyahoga County Administrative Headquarters
2079 East 9th Street, 6th Floor
Cleveland, OH 44115

When filing a complaint using any of the above listed methods, it is important to consider including the following information:

  • Who is engaging in misconduct?
  • Which agency is involved?
  • What wrongdoing occurred?
  • When did the wrongdoing occur?
  • Whether there are/ were witnesses to the misconduct?

Any Public Official or Employee that acts in good faith to report alleged misconduct may not be subject to dismissal, discipline or other adverse personnel action.

What happens after I file a complaint?
After we receive your complaint, we will evaluate it and, if warranted, open an investigation. Unless you have chosen to file your complaint anonymously, you may be contacted by us to verify details of the complaint or provide additional information. If our investigation substantiates your complaint, we will refer the matter for prosecution if criminal conduct has been found, for disciplinary proceedings if violations of agency rules have occurred, for ethical sanctions if ethics violations are discovered or we may recommend changes in agency policy and procedures.

If you identify yourself on your complaint, our Agency will keep the information you have shared confidential within our Agency confines. This Agency will keep your identity confidential unless you consent to the disclosure of such or are mandated by law or court order to produce such information.