The Cuyahoga County Agency of Inspector General's Mission is to promote honesty and accountability in County Government. To this end, we commit to you that if you report an allegation of wrongdoing to our Agency it will be fully investigated and when appropriate a referral for further governmental intervention or internal discipline will be made. It is no longer business as usual in Cuyahoga County. This is about a change in the way we do business. We owe it to ourselves, to the taxpayers and to the residents of the county to engage in business practices of the highest ethical standards.

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Debarred Contractors

Below is the most current listing of contractors who have been debarred by Cuyahoga County pursuant to Chapter 505 of the Cuyahoga County Code. Debarred contractors are prohibited from:

  1. Submitting offers to Cuyahoga County;
  2. Contracting with Cuyahoga County; and
  3. Subcontracting on Cuyahoga County contracts
Additionally, a contractor shall not subcontract work on a Cuyahoga County contract to a contractor listed on the Inspector General's debarment list. A contractor who knowingly subcontracts to a debarred contractor will automatically be debarred for three (3) years.

Cuyahoga County is also prohibited from:

  1. Contracting with, entering into an agreement with, or otherwise doing business with a debarred contractor; and
  2. Allowing any of its contractors to subcontract with any debarred contractor on a Cuyahoga County project

Cuyahoga County is required to automatically disqualify any and all bids, proposals, statements of qualifications, and any other offers received from a debarred contractor during that contractor's debarment period.

Debarment List