The Cuyahoga County Agency of Inspector General's Mission is to promote honesty and accountability in County Government. To this end, we commit to you that if you report an allegation of wrongdoing to our Agency it will be fully investigated and when appropriate a referral for further governmental intervention or internal discipline will be made. It is no longer business as usual in Cuyahoga County. This is about a change in the way we do business. We owe it to ourselves, to the taxpayers and to the residents of the county to engage in business practices of the highest ethical standards.

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Ethics Advisory Opinions
Title 4 of the Cuyahoga County Code ("Ethics Law") designates the Agency of Inspector General as the ethics investigative officer for Cuyahoga County.  In an effort to prevent violations of the Ethics Law, the Agency of Inspector General will periodically publish broad advisory opinions offering guidance to County employees, contractors and lobbyists on the Agency of Inspector General's interpretation of certain provisions of the Ethics Law.  County employees, contractors or lobbyists seeking ethical guidance on a specific situation should contact the Agency of Inspector General directly.

The following is a list of the broad ethics advisory opinions issued by the Agency of Inspector General.  The opinions rendered in these memorandums are solely the opinions of the Agency of Inspector General with regard to its interpretation of the Ethics Law.  These opinions expressly do not address the application or enforcement of any corresponding Ohio Revised Code Sections.  Nor are these opinions binding on any external entity, including, but not limited to, the Ohio Ethics Commission.

Guidance on betting pools conducted for profit - IGADV-0009

This Advisory Opinion offers guidance on betting pools as they relate to Cuyahoga County public
officials and employees. Fundraising Activities FAQ's

Guidance on Voluntary Political Activities by County Employees - IGADV-0010
This Advisory Opinion offers guidance to County employees who want to participate in election-related activities, make campaign contributions, run for elected office or become an employee or volunteer of a political campaign.